n: One who gives up sex easily via the anal-sphinchter
Look at that fag backing-up on every man in this joint! He is such an 'asspig'!
by Groinker March 14, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who enjoys any and all anal activities to the point of fetishism, and beyond.
Girl, I went out with so-and-so, and all that bitch wanted to do was spread those cheeks, she was such an ass pig!!!
by Sombra Pagan July 15, 2004
A Word Also Used To Describe Daniel Kean, The Ass Pig Of 2009...:)Who Enjoys Taking It Up The Ass.. Funily Enough (:
Ohh My God Niko! Your Such A Curry Bum Nugget!! Not As Bad As Daniel Kean Tho.. Hees Such An Ass Pig... He Told Me How He Takes It Up The Ass... Like An Ass Pig..(:
by Rawx771 May 04, 2009
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