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A person with unoriginal ideas, seemingly willing for anyone to stick a hand up their ass and make them their puppet. Ass Muppet.
"Bobby won't make up his mind, he's being an ass muppet."

"That was so lame, quit being an ass muppet."
by kermy d fiend May 18, 2004
a clueless, bothersome imp of a person
Chris has done so much meth, he's turned into a complete ass muppet. I wish he'd stop.
by Evil Jedi July 20, 2006
A auipped remark one makes in jest to a friend after they commit some foolish action.
In jest, Lysander dubbed Bob an assmuppet for his clumsiness which rendered him on his rear when he walked blindly into a pole.
by MaliceBliss November 07, 2003
(1)An insult thrown at one younger than you, one of less status, or someone you plan on beating close to death. It implies that they are indeed a sock puppet made specifically for use with ones ass.
(1) "I'll wipe my ass with your face, you fucking ass-muppet."
by ProjectSOBER April 05, 2003
person of unintelligent or blundering character.
Which of you assmuppets was trying to get ITP off of Mully?
by Morphy <3 August 18, 2003
A complete and total loser who spends his or her days jerking off to anime porn whilst eating potato chips and smearing the grease all over themselves. It is also a fat, lazy fuck with gravy stains all over his or her shirt who watches TV all day.
Clem wouldn't come out his room all day because he was whackin it to DBZ reruns; he is thus an ass-muppet
by DJClue77 April 20, 2006
Somone who likes to have ass-sex with muppets.
Bert and Ernie are ass-muppets.
by sterling March 01, 2003
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