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(1)Someone who is stupid or someone elses bitch.
(2)One who has moronicly stated the obvious.
(3)A person who has fallen for something easily, and thus had his body dipped in shit by those who own him.
(1)"Get me a fucking soda, dipshit."

(2)Michael: "Thats a flower."
Richard: (sarcasticly)"No, it's Jesus, you dipshit."

(3) "You my good friend, are a dipshit."
by ProjectSOBER April 05, 2003
(1)An insult thrown at one younger than you, one of less status, or someone you plan on beating close to death. It implies that they are indeed a sock puppet made specifically for use with ones ass.
(1) "I'll wipe my ass with your face, you fucking ass-muppet."
by ProjectSOBER April 05, 2003
(1)Obviously a nickname for someone who is a female dog with no father.
(2)A word you shout in ones general direction when you've realized that they have no genitals, and then realized that you looked to see if they had genitals.
(3)One who is of bastardly bitchtastic proportions.
(1)Lassie is a classic example of a bitchastard.
(2)Dear God, where are your genitals Molly? Dear God... Bitchastard!
(3)Many students at RMSEL... (Dana, Austin, Kathy, you get the idea...)
by ProjectSOBER April 27, 2003

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