slightly worse than britney spears, but hey, at least britneys dancing makeup for her lipsynching...
(ie...hoedowns = death for a completely worthless talentless birdbeaklike singer)
You make me want to lala...if the lala was roll over, vomit, and bag the vomit only to save it for a few weeks in the hot hot sun so i can mail it to you. for kwanzaa. it truly is a celebration of ur harvest...biatch.
by toocoolforschool42 February 20, 2005
A stupid talentless bitch who lipsyncs.
And gets boo'ed out of stadiums.
See ""
I got stabbed in the throat so I had to do an "Ashlee Simpson"
by GFY January 05, 2005
Younger, uglier sister of Jessica Simpson who is even more of a wannabe punk than Avril Levigne. She proved to the world just how truely bad she is when she was caught lip-synching on SNL and a few months later was booed during a horrible performance at the Orange Bowl. The only reason that she even has a record deal is because she is realated to Jessica Simpson and while Jessica has her "ditzy" moments at least she was never caught lip-synching and can sing, dance, and looks alot better than her younger sister.
While Jessica Simpson gets made fun of for her "Tuna Fish" lines, at least she doesn't have to live with getting caught lip-synching and getting booed off stage.
by Royale January 07, 2005
Someone whom is without talent.
Proof is in the pudding. Did you watch the Orange Bowl half time show?
by BoostnGTIrabbit January 20, 2005
The epitome of dumb, shallow, and contrived MTV crap.
-Caught lip-synching on SNL
-Got a record deal purely because of her sister
-Has no talent whatsoever. All the synthesizers in the world can't make her screechy, godawful voice sound good.
-Dyed her hair black to try to distinguish herself from her sister, not even remotely attractive to begin with
-Dreadful MTV reality show
-Has some sort of contrived emo/punk thing going on in the background of her videos, about as hardcore or punk as Avril Lavigne
-Songs are written for her, probably with the help of focus groups, complete with bubble gum teen angst lyrics
The sad part is that there are people who actually CAN sing and write good lyrics who will never have the kind of opportunity that has been wasted on her worthless, talentless ass.
by cmdrmonkey February 20, 2005
a) one of the many talent-less teenage stars of today that seem to be infesting the very world we live in

b) someone who spells her name in the most annoying phoenetic manner
jesus christ can't you spell your name like a fucking regular person, because "ashLEE" is the most annoying thing in the world?
by anti-conformist November 22, 2004
Unattractive and untalented sister of Jessica Simpson. Wannabe punk. Wears dark clothes, 'punk' t-shirts and ripped jeans. Fucks rich-girl's exes. Has a very large nose.
Synonyms: ASSLEE, Milli Vanilli Part II
'I'm such a girly-girl! People think because I sing rock music I don't care about girly things... I LUV goth furniture!'
by Sarah February 21, 2005
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