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A tall, gorgeous girl who is sweet and an awesome friend. She isn't exactly popular but more of a roamer. Guys don't always ask her out, but they think in their minds that she is hot! An Ashlan has gorgeouss eyes and smile. She mostly thinks of herself as a plain girl when she really isn't. An Ashlan is extremely athletic and really smartt. She has no idea that in high school, she'll be a total babe.
Guy 1: Woah that girl is gorgeous
Guy 2: I heard she is really athletic
Guy 1: I bet her name is Ashlan.
by Apple99 September 01, 2009
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A really funny guy/girl that's really chill and everybody loves. Is outgoing and has a positive look on everything and does their own thing
Wow I love Jack he's so funny and chill such a Ashlan
by Fjgjff March 31, 2017
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An ugly girl who thinks she's hot. She's fake, and she's always someone's rebound. No one likes her because she's annoying.
I hate her, she must be an Ashlan.
by Mydickisshort April 13, 2016
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