The greatest football club in history. A team so classy that even without winning a trophy for four years they still play the sexiest football you will ever see. Watching The Arsenal play football is like listening to Mozart.
"You don't play Mozart, you feel it and when you feel it, it becomes part of you and flows like The Arsenal's midfield"
Sir Georg Solti

"God is an Arsenal fan"
Pope John Paul II
by sooner_gooner August 16, 2009
Team who set the standards for how football should be played
Arsenal 5-1 Crystal Palace
by James Adams March 01, 2005
The greatest football team in the world with a great history, current F.A Cup holders. Soon to move to the most technically advanced stadium in European football.The average age of the squad is about 24, and titis staying for a long time yet.Doesnt spend 2000 million pounds each summer yet still succeed, unlike the Chelsea rent boys and the Manchester Buccaneers...
Care Free!
wherever you may be,
cause chelsea aint got no history,
Lampards fat,
the rest are queer,
and they aint won the league for about a month and a half....
by Sir Wenger The Mightiest June 02, 2005
the best football team in the premier league who are way better than man u. But they cheated to beat us in the semi final of the champions league this wednesday!!!
Arsenal supporter: We lost the semi finals of the champions league.

Manchester united supporter: I know we played very very well.

Arsenal supporter: Shut up your team cheated everybody knows that!!!!
the best club in at least north london and the uk and much better than spurs.
a team that would field a three year old if there was 1 in the squad.
a team that go a goal down then come back to beat manchester united 2-1.
a team that is so good they dont have to WIN anything.
arsenal are beating man united by 1 goal for the 84th time this season

arsenal are losing to man united by 1 goal for the 42nd time this season
by JHW Arsenal supporter April 22, 2007
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