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Now the Spanish word for cunt.
Marcos: Did you hear what he said?
Carlos: Yes I did, what a fucking Xavi
by goonerbear93 July 21, 2010
The greatest NFL team of all time.
The Chicago Bears
by Goonerbear93 May 02, 2010
Scotty doesn't know that Matt Damon is boning his bitch so don't tell him!
Scotty doesn't know that Fiona and me

Do it in my van every Sunday.
She tells him she's in church but she doesn't go
Still she's on her knees and Scotty doesn't know!

Oh Scotty doesn't know!
So Don't Tell Scotty!
Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty doesn't know!
So Don't Tell Scotty!
Fiona says she's out shopping,
But she's under me and I'm not stopping...

Because Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty doesn't know! (X3)
So don't tell Scotty!
Scotty doesn't know!

Don't tell Scotty!

I can't believe he's so trusting,
While I'm right behind you thrusting.
Fiona's got him on the phone,
And she's trying not to moan.
It's a three-way call and he knows nothing!

Scotty doesn't know!(X3)
So don't tell Scotty!
Scotty doesn't know!(X3)

We'll put on a show!
Everyone will go!
Scotty doesn't know!(x3)

The parkin lot
Why not? It's so cool when you're on top!
His front lawn in the snow
Life is so hard because Scotty doesn't know!

We did it on his birthday...

Scotty doesn't know!(X4)

Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty won't know!
Scotty doesn't know!
Scotty's gotta know!
Gotta tell Scotty!
Gotta tell him myself!
Scotty doesn't know! (X10)

Chant Scotty doesn't know! (x7)
Chant Scotty's gotta go!
by goonerbear93 May 02, 2010
by Goonerbear93 May 02, 2010
If you are ever in a bad situation, use this line to avoid danger. It will get save you from getting your ass kicked!
Scotty: Soccer (football) hooligans
Cooper: Hey this isn't where i parked my car!
Hooligan: Oi! Who the bloody hell are you?. This is a private members bar, exclusively for the supporters of the of the shittest football team in the world (Manchester United). Now please... enlighten me... WHO THE FUCK ARE YA?
Cooper: That is a good question and... Scotty...
Scotty: We are the Manchester United fan club from Ohio
Hooligan: If you're Manchester United supporters, sing the Manchester United song
Scotty: Excuse me i'm sorry, i'm not much of a singer
Hooligan: *smashes bottle as a threat* SING!
Scotty: My Baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then, he takes another home again to find me watching the Manchester United FOOTBALL TEAM! (slaps hooligan on chest in excitement) eh?. The best (but shittest) freaking team in all the land Woohoo!
Cooper: *Smiles and approves*
Hooligan: Pretty good... PRETTY DAMN GOOD LADS!
Hooligans: YEAH!

Scotty and Cooper have proved they are manchester united fans after all.

As you can see Cooper used This isn't where i parked my car early on, but we all know the hooligans just wanted to hear scotty sing... coopers this isn't where i parked my car was good enough on its own!
by Goonerbear93 May 02, 2010

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