It means being stuck in your ways. Even passed the legal age where you're allowed to Smoke, Drink, Drive and call 1-800-Sex-Lines.
Boy (at age 25): Yo, you want to come over and play Nintendo with me.

Girl (at age 17): Sure, .... hold up, (perplexed) how old are you again?

Boy (at age 25): 25 going on 26?

Girl (at age 17): God Damn you got a Arrested Development. Why should I go out with a grown man when he hasn't grown out of Nintendo? You crazy as hell yo. I'm leaving.

Boy (at age 25): But I'm playing with my brother.

Girl (at age 17): At your Mama's house that you HAVEN'T MOVED OUT OF YET?

Boy (at age 25): But don't you like playing with him too.

Girl (at age 17): Yeah but ...

Boy (at age 25): (Interrupts her) Alright, then.

Girl (at age 17): It ain't gonna be alright when your brother says "Why you still playing Games at this age". I'm breaking up with you Vaahsiyance. (Hangs up)

Boy (at age 25): Jueehsa, wait. FUCK!! (Throws the phone)

Girl (at age 17): That nigga is a dork yo. He still plays Nintendo? I'm surprised I didn't see him walking down the street with a Power Ranger toy in his hand. (Laughing Her Butt Off)
#reserved #resistance #stuck #coming-of-age #forever
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer October 08, 2009
Its The Royal Tenebaums* shot like cops
*a film by Wes Anderson

Arrested Development's creator Mitchell Hurwitz said that when he saw The Royal Tenenbaums he already had the idea for Arrested Development and thought "Well, I guess I won't be doing that" but later changed his mind.
#wes anderson #tenenbaums #arrested #development #mitchell hurwitz
by Sol Hinsvark October 28, 2007
Semi camp, pseudo Hip Hop group of the early '90s.
Arrested Development's "Everyday People" was kinda cool but that "Mr Wendle" sucked.
by Bro D J July 02, 2005
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