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Derived from Ariel, Ariela means 'lioness of god'.
Therefore a girl with the name Ariela, tends to be outgoing, bold, courageous, she is beautiful but doesn't know it, she speaks her mind, and she is loyal to her friends and will fight for what she believes in,and because of her powerful voice she radiates authority.
'Her tone of voice was so steely, nobody dared to defy her. She was like a Ariela, the lioness taking charge.
by KookyKlickersWave September 14, 2011
75 21
the funny girl in a group of friends. makes everyone smile and laugh. she often loves chocolate.
that Ariela girl is my bff.
by happygirl911 August 18, 2011
47 7
Loves to ski and shop. Hates fur. Total all out prep, but still loves Punk Rock.
I saw this really preppy girl who was humming a sex pistols song, and I immediately thought, she is such an Ariela.
by sxejadefan January 03, 2004
32 53
To take your computer or laptop (a lap top might be a tad more convenient) into the bathroom with you while you pee, poop, shower, bathe, wash your face, take a douce, etc.

Pronunciation: AHH - REE - EL - AHH, AHH - REE - EL - AHD
Dude, we were having such an intense chat on facebook, ichat, oovoo, aim, meebo, etc. that I had to ariela because I didn't want to leave.
by the ariela January 07, 2011
18 44