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A male's name.
Usually charming, breathe-taking, has a beautiful personality and caring nature. He says the cutest things ever and will make you drool if you see him on public transport.
This boy actually has standards and doesn't seem to chase after sluts.

He is ridiculously attractive and deserves the best.
Girl 1 on bus: Omg look behind us, cutie alert!
Girl 2 on bus: Holy crap, it's Tristin! Sigh, we don't have a chance, we're just trashy sluzzp0p whores.
by Bittercup June 18, 2011
Typically a male's name.
Some describe a Tristin as "adorkable". A Tristin might have two split personalities-- a goofy side and a serious one. He's extremely caring, and sees people for who they are inside. He says super random and surprisingly funny things. He's a bit tech savvy. Super duper attractive, and won't settle for less. A Tristin loves girls who have a sense of humor and who doesn't cake on makeup. Brown hair that falls loosely in front of his brown eyes, loose fitting t-shirt, 513's from Levi's, with black Converse All-Stars. He's a kid at heart, with a playful eyes.

He could be a best friend or boyfriend.
Girl 1: Look! There goes Tristin! He's so cute!
Girl 2: He's ah-mazing! too bad i wear too much makeup!
by ishjustgawtreal December 19, 2011
An extremley awesome, hot, and amazing person. Everyone wants to be his friend, and he is sexy.
Wow i wish i was a tristin!
by bug777 May 31, 2011
For girls it mean a super cute hottie, a girl that is smart and very funny. A caring friend and is willing to help out when your in need. Someone very special to have as a friend.
Wow! She is such an awesome person. I think she's a Tristin!
by Someone who cares :) November 21, 2011
Can be a girl or a boy.

A beautiful radiant goddess. She is loved by everyone. Very outgoing. In a room she will be the most lively, loud, and talkative person. She is great at keeping secrets, secrets. She's a hard worker and usually gets good grades at school without even trying. She is very hard to get and picky about her choice in guys.
Look at Tristin over there. What we are thinking we can't get her!!!! ):
by Staff. December 03, 2011
A girl very pale girl who is black where it counts
Tyrone: you know that girl Tristin?
Jerome: ya
Tyrone: damn she fine
Jerome: man! she white!
Tyrone: she's black it where it counts
by Notyou October 18, 2013
Big headed fuck boi that more than likely has hair that resembles Ramen Noodles.
Tristin is a fuck.
by ICP4LYFE March 02, 2015

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