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A notably striking individual that exemplifies every essense of the words beauty and elegance. See hottie.
I am truely impressed by Ariane's free spirit and good hearted nature.
by A4_SV650 May 21, 2004
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a girl you'll never forget. just the right girl to be with. she has nice brown hair, brown eyes, kissable lips. you may be speechless when with her but every look in her eyes is enough. she's sweet. she has a great smile. she's very very very beautiful. she's very understanding. in short she's PERFECT.
I Love You Ariane!!!
by Babe03 September 22, 2012
A sexual sexual fish that i really love. Everyone loves ariane
Me: Hey Ariane you sexual fish that i love

Ariane: I am awesome.
by iamsoooawesomelololol May 19, 2011
A young, nerdy-type individual who sees debauchery and bisexuality everywhere.
-Dude, that Ariane is so creepy !
-Yeah, just because i said that Sophie had a ponytail yesterday, Ariane got weird ideas about her having wild adventures with a horse..
-Gosh !
by Susuuu78 January 06, 2012
This girl has brown hair and likes dressing up as a cowgirl! she is known as el gordo (fat child) and is a bit thick ;) but we all love a bit of ariane in our lives (or in bed!)
hey that ariane is soooo fit but im in love with her sister meghan
by Shivezz April 12, 2011
An extremely under developed girl who forgets her own name and is constantly having violent spasms due to lack of self control.
"Dude, did you see that Ariane at the party last night? We tryed to through her out at first because she looked like a sixth grader and then she had these spasms and we called the hospital cause we thought she was having a seizure."
by Shebangwolfdude August 27, 2008
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