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Person from the formerly Spanish-controlled nation with an awesome heritage and culture. The majority of the them are devout Catholics, and the women are absolutely gorgeous.
The are two Argentinean girls in the Baptist Student Union at my college (NKU), and they are incredibly gorgeous; plus they are identical twins!
by Jonesy March 31, 2005
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An amazing person coming from Argentina, that has a huge penis and is very kind and gentle. Always scores with women
Look at that hot argentinean! I wish hisnis was inside me
by Paco lopez March 29, 2005
Depilatory technique whereby all peri-anal pubic hair is removed. Origin of the word makes reference to Brazilian waxing and is indicative of the geographic proximity of Argentina to Brazil (as Argentina is under Brazil).
I am not gonna tap that ass until that hairy broad gets an Argentinean!
by The Johnman Cometh March 18, 2009

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