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Arcadia Univeristy is a college that is located in Glenside, PA 19038. It is a relatively small college with classes that are the size of a High School. It specializes in sutdy abroad, and has a high percentage of women and people who are gay. They can also claim a percentage of students from several different countries, and most students study abroad by the time they graduate because for many majors it is a requirment. It cost like 37,000 (07/08) to live on campus and attend. They have a freshman spring preview, where some of the freshmand class can go to spain, london, scottland, or italy for spring break for something like 700$. It is located relatively close to Phili, and the majority of the population is from PA and leaves for the weekend. It is a good campus for students that like small classes (there are freshman classes that have been like 8 students big though the average is like 20-25). It used to be Beaver College and be an all girls school several years ago. Its name was changed when the college attained University status.
Person one: hey have you heard of Arcadia University?
Person two: no where is that?
Person one: Its in Glenside,Pa like near Phili.
Person two: oh that is the old Beaver College
by ZarahMarieS April 24, 2008
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