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Used when someone acts negatively towards you, provides usless information or is extremely obnoxious.
Dave: Hey pull my finger
Jon: No

Dave: Pull it pull it pull it!
Jon: Why you gotta be so aqueous
by Cap'n Headass January 23, 2011
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Very fly. Derived from 'wet' and 'moist,' which have a similar meaning.
Yo, my hustle game be straight aqueous.
by Brizz Nach March 14, 2007
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A beautiful color display of gas that is very appealing to look at, yet complicated to create.
A: Hey man, lets make an aqueous!
B: Ooh! Sounds like fun, but it sound complicated to make, are you sure?
A: Of course! I mean, think of all the color schemes we can make!
B: True, true, alright, lets get right into it then!
by AQmarine February 14, 2017
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The term used to describe something as cool or awesome. The hot new slang term for solid...which is sooo 2010...
person 1: dude did you hit up that party last night?
person 2: yea man that shit was aqueous!
by blazingamazing July 05, 2011
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