April, a girl who makes out with every guy she meets, even the taken ones.
"Who him? Yeah I made out with him!" -April

"Why do you have to makeout with everyone...you're such an April"

P1" Its ok, we were just really drunk!" P2 "Don't be such an April."
by Sodumb April 03, 2014
A name given to a girl while her mother is to doped up on pain pills to think of a more creative/and or original name to give her child. And no, switching the "i" with a "y" in April does NOT make it any better. As for personality, how the hell should I know? You can't judge the personality of a person soley based on their name.
Boy: Hey! What's your name?
April: Hi, my names April.
Boy: (about to ask the most overasked/stupid question ever) Oh! So were you born in April too? *jokingly*
April:... *shuffles awkwardly*
Boy:... *blink* Oh my God you were! Hahahahahahaha!!
April: SHUT UP! My mom thought it was clever at the time! *runs off in shame*
by DW<3SW&TAOTLC July 27, 2011
obsessive, who thinks she is pretty but doesn't really know the truth, disgusting stomach, uses child for every excuse mad at younger sister and sisters friend cause they are hotter than her and mad at sisters friends man who doesn't like her, dose not shave frequently
April: Omg Im Soooo Sexy
Guy:How old are you?
April: Im 18!!!
Guy:Thats perfect
takes home with her
Guy: damnn who are these girls?
April: omg thats my kid sister and her friend thats not sexy at all
Guy: Fucks April then leaves next morning..
by 855554648789797498794132 September 26, 2009
A female given name. Aprils are usually very nice, smart, and pretty. They're fun to talk to, and generally outstanding. It's hard to NOT like an April, as they're very likable. Plus, if you make a mistake, they're very understanding, and they'll probably forgive you.

If you ever meet and become friends with an April, make sure you don't let your friendship fade because it'll probably be one of the BEST friendships you'll EVER have.
That girl is amazing, she has got to be an April!
by thecleverstupendousgirl November 24, 2010
Awesome friend
APRIL IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by bunny boy123 February 11, 2008
A cool girl thats good to get down with.
Dang I think she is an April and i like her.
by Judin October 09, 2006
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