The 4th month of the year. In which National Marajuana Day is celebrated on the 20th. Is Avril in French.
"What's today?"
"April 20th"
"...pot head..."
by vivid_in_color September 13, 2008
The most amazing month ever in which only the coolest people in the world are born in.
April is the coolest month of all.
by mband21 March 23, 2009
the month in which hot girls are born from. Either aries or taurus.
damn that girl must've been born in april....
by sexygirl1015856 October 15, 2008
The fine-ass news reporter who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wanted to f*ck.
Leonardo: "Hey April, how about me and you share a pizza?"
Raphael: "Back off Leo, I called dibs on her!"
Leonardo: "Yeah right Raphael, like she would ever want to sleep with you."
Raphael: "Yeah? Well sleep on this!" *whips out his sai and the two turtles fight*
Splinter: "Leonardo! Raphael! Stop this nonsense. You must learn to channel your anger. Now meditate with me."
Leo and Raph: "Yes, Master Splinter."
by Big Freeze UFL February 03, 2010
one who is constantly amorous
rob: that chick last night...
jarred: yeah she was totally april!
by January 31, 2008
The fourth month of the year. The best month of the year. The best people are born this month. The most intelligent and beautiful people are born in this month. 4-20 is also celebrated in this wonderful month!
She is an April baby, of course she is gorgeous!
by HotttBabeee December 08, 2009
the fourth month of the year, in the USA it is National Poetry Month and National Day of Silence is observed on the 3rd Friday. The 1st is April Fools' day, the 20th is the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre, the 24th is the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Month in which many awesome, epic, creative, hot people are born.

actor/comedian Eddy Murphy, actor Jackie Chan, actor Joel Grey, politician/U.S. president Thomas Jefferson, musical artist Barbra Streisand, politician Adolf Hitler, actress Penelope Cruz, actress/model Jessica Alba
she's born in April? no wonder she is so awesome!
by lezzigrl13 June 16, 2010

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