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This term is used for the ice cream man in the ghetto. Approximately 200 years ago, they started using this term because they did not have any ice cream.
I think I will go rob the grocery store because the applejacks is coming.
by Chris December 05, 2004
To judge another person for a reason that is really not worthy of judgement at all.
"I applejacked the couple in front of me in the grocery store because they were only buying a sugary cereal. Then I realized that I love that cereal too?"
by Hb0mba1 November 08, 2011
To assault someone with their own Macbook.
Sorry I can't turn the logo off, WAIT NO *quack*

Lol he got applejacked
by a1278 June 07, 2010
A punch in the throat or adams' apple.
Oh, dude! He punched her right in the throat! What an applejack!
by KeltsinFeff July 18, 2008
When you make a hole in an apple, ejactulate in the apple, and someone eats the apple.
i'm so hungry i could eat an applejack
by david Disch August 10, 2006