A nearly 200-proof beverage made from apple cider, usually found underneath kitchen sinks.
Take fresh apple cider (5 gallons make about 1 cup of AJ).
Leave under kitchen sink for a week in sealed container.
Pour out liquid remnants into new container.
Leave under kitchen sink for a week.
Pour out liquid remnants into new container.

Repeat for five weeks. Make applesauce with frozen remnant.
by Jim December 08, 2003
Apple Jacks are Bi Cherios.
Apple Jacks are not as fruity as Fruit Loops so there not gay but they are still fruity so they are Bi.
by Shawn Underwood January 07, 2007
The unexpected taking of control of the Apple TV AirPlay stream.
I was streaming my favorite song from my iPhone to the Apple TV, when my son Applejacked the stream. Suddenly I was listening to his favorite song.
by mojo369 May 29, 2012
The name of the Apple Pippin controller, video game console created by Apple, the controller is confortable (but not better than the Gamecube controller) and unlike the other controllers of it's era, it had a trackball on the middle of it.
Applejack is such a bad name for a controller!

Apple: That's not true!
by Setruck256 January 10, 2013
Response you give to your friends when they ask you why you are behaving in such a ridiculous manner, and you really have no reason for it other than -just because you can-. Generally accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders

An attempt to justify your stupid actions

Derived from the Applejacks commercial a few years ago:
"Why do you kids like applejacks when they dont taste like apples???"
"We just do!"
Fred: Why in the HELL have you been walking in cirlces for the past 10 minutes?
Joe: I dunno, applejacks.
by Fenrira December 16, 2006
A mixed drink consisting of simply apple or cider or whatever with jack daniels.
Oh, man I got sooooo apple jacked last night.

—Well, at least you didn't do anything too regrettable

Hell yeah, apple jack takes good care of you
by lwitthoft December 12, 2010
anal sex
hey girl you want some "apple jacks ".
by DR.Ksuck August 10, 2008

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