A more recent drug related slang term for acid, officially known as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide).

Whoa, this is some of the strongest apple cider I've had in a while dude!
by craigory g. April 25, 2012
Apple Cider is produced from apples by a process of pressing. It is more sour and cloudy than conventional apple juice. The bad thing is, this stuff gives us some of the nastiest shits/runs/squirts ever. Be prepared to drop a more watery form of a fudge dragon if you drink some of this stuff.
Dude man, I was in the bathroom forever yesterday pondering why I drank that one gallon of Apple Cider.
by JaketheSnake311 October 01, 2007

An Apple Cider - Apple Juice, prefferably Alchoholized.


An Apple Killer.

A: Man, did i just drink that entire Apple Shcnaps or WHAT?
B: Yeah man, you drank a whole lot of AppleCider.


A: I shot the Apple.
B: But you didn't shoot the Pear (Deputy).
A: Fucking AppleCider I am.
B: Aye.
by Yoshi2501 October 29, 2005
When one is so respected, one seems to be an insider when one is not.
I wish someone would adopt that apple-cider, i-luv-sara.
by Jimbo December 21, 2003

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