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The best thing ever. If you insult it you will die.
Dude, that guy is so awesome he must be called Anoop! =)
by Betterthantherest April 07, 2009
A beautiful girl with amazing hair, but a total pot head, she LOVES drugs and definitely has done weed numerous times.

She loves to party and have a good time but sometimes goes a little too wild. She is fun to be around but some people just don't like her but most people do. Very Fun, Very Misunderstood, Very High, Very beautiful.
Person 1: Omg is that Anoop
Person 2: she looks high
Person 1: but she still looks damm fine
by The real dude February 22, 2014
the act of scaring other people with your boogers
You swore at me? Here, take this Anoop!
by Why Should I Be Sad April 19, 2008

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