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Poor, trailor trash, shallow wigga who left his pregnant, afro-american wife (Shar Jackson-whom he has a couple kids with)for pop sensation Britney Spears cuz she's cuter and has a lot more money.
Kev Federline thinks he's the next Eminem, what a joke.
by lovezit April 07, 2005
A dumb but cute bisexual hick from Texas who got pregnant by the age of 16 or so, became a stripper then married a rich old guy (who passed away)... she became depressed over the fact that she wouldn't be inheriting the old dudes money, started comfort eating, and eventually became a pill popping, obese slut.

However she decieded she wanted to get laid, so she became a spokeswoman for a diet pill company which secretly put her through several plastic surgeries for her to lose all that lard. Now is skinny, became a model and is semi-retarded from all the drugs she has taken.

I think I speak for the rest of the world when I say: I pity her son and wish him the best...
Like my boddddy? Trim Spa baby! *cheesy smile*
by lovezit April 07, 2005
A very fun and cool Eastern European country which happens to have the most beautiful women on earth.
Frank: I'm going to Hungary this summer.

Daniel: dude you're so lucky, I hear there are a lot of mixed Hungarian/Gypsy hotties there.
by lovezit April 07, 2005
Stereo-typical wannabe macho Italian boys who sport fake orange-ish tans and plucked eyebrows, who try to act/look Puerto Rican. And they talk so weird you can't even understand a damn thing they're saying.
yo ma your son used up all my hairgel! (*goes apesh*t* as if he couldn't afford another bottle)
by lovezit April 08, 2005
Penis Goo is a nice way of saying sperm or c*m.
Rachel: hey ya might not want to sit on Alex's bed, it's full of Penis Goo.

Rebecca: good lookin' out! the guys such a compulsive masturbator.
by lovezit April 07, 2005
An Arican-American rapper who dislikes Caucasian & Asian people. Has ".:" tattooed next to his eye which stands for "my crazy life". He makes funny movies and has some cool songs.
You can do it with your back into it...
by lovezit April 07, 2005
Thick is an urban or "cool" way of making chubby chicks feel good about their cottage cheese thighs and their "oops I just crapped myself" big ass.
Dang yo that chick be mad thick
by lovezit April 08, 2005

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