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masturbate. literally, rub until you orgasm.

also known as "rub it out"
Damn, that made me really horny. I'm gonna have to go rub one out.
by Noelle March 14, 2003
A voluptuous blonde pill-popping trainwreck who has her own television special that is about as painful to watch as a colonoscopy. A former Guess? model.
Is that Anna Nicole Smith's son? Poor kid, if that was my mom, I'd kick my own ass.
by noelle March 28, 2003
the state of florida
"I can't go to Florida..that's America's Wang!!!"
by Noelle September 16, 2003
friends, yet enemies.
Ashley and i are frenemies, sometimes i just can't stand her.
by noelle May 01, 2003
The incorrect pronounciation of 'hamster'. Annoying as hell.
'Wanna play with the hampster? Supposebly I ain't goin' to school, and that.'
by noelle October 14, 2003
A Beautiful city full of culture, homosexuals along with heterosexuals great food, great sites an area where people should not judge till they go and realize the beauty of it all
When the lights go down in the city and the sun shines on the bay ohh i wanna be there in my city. San francisco!!
by Noelle August 31, 2003
an inverted spork
If your spork is cheap enough, you can bend it into a foon.
by Noelle March 14, 2003

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