A man or woman who you meet online or on the phone (anonymously) who gives you the satisfaction of a real relationship. Specifically, an angie has unstable mental tendencies and is unusually possessive. Having an angie is a safe practice so long as you do not give him/her your real name or phone number.
person 1: "So I heard you got yourself an angie?"

person 2: "Hell yeah, he told me he loved me, he hated me and he would die without me and this was all on day one."

person 1: "Yeah, that's an angie alright!"
#angie #angy #angee #possessive #stalker #psycho #lover #forever #comedy #funny #interesting #phone #online #boredom
by angielover August 25, 2011
Top Definition
Claims to be anti-social but is the exact opposite. Very beautiful and one of a kind personality. Has fun just about all the time and can make you laugh when you least expect it. Enjoys playing halo and can kick ass in Guitar Hero 3. Has amazing talents with her mouth and can do just about anything with it. Most spectacular/lovable person you could ever meet.
She is so awesome;she has to be an Angie!
#angie #angalina #ang #angi #ange
by Wes Bryant April 18, 2008
Dead sexy, amazing and funny. Loves to be with people. Can talk for hours. Doesn't alwasy have great self-esteem but should. Amazing in bed and can wow anyone.
That girl wass almost as good as an angie!
#kinky #sexy #hot #amazing #talkative
by Bes ss March 30, 2009
The most beautiful name in the world, and the most beautiful girl in the world.
#angie #beautiful #georgous #perfect #amazing
by TayTay!!! July 31, 2008
It is a person that you want to be with every day of your life, a person that makes you feel special when she doesn't mean to. Someone who excepts you for who you are but also loves you for you. She loves to be around you and not scared to be sexual. Has no problem with hangin' with you and will do things to make you happy as long as there not to extreme. Will always let you know whats is on her mind ( even if it has nothing to do with the conversation ).
Did you know that the perfect girl is Angie.
#angie #perfect #girl #sexual #special
by BigBlackC November 02, 2010
My wonderful sweetness - both charming and thoughtful! Angies make everyones life complete and banish the blues!
Everything and all to everyone, angie lights up the world
#angela #ahngii #angie #anjie #angie-la
by ahndii February 05, 2010
Angies are peppy and seem ditsy, but are actually very smart. They know when to have fun and when to get down to business. As a result, Angies are usually on top of everything they do.

They have contagious smiles and on the rare occasion they aren't smiling, you know that something must be wrong.

Angies love to dance and swim and go to the beach not to tan, but to surf or boogie board. They are athletic but girly at the same time; a perfect mix of the two.

Angies don't try hard to make themselves look good but they still look amazing. They almost always have one or two guy best friends who are secretly in love with her but are content with just being her best friends because they love hanging out with her and wouldn't want to make it awkward.

Angies are the perfect mix of pep, wit, looks, and goodness. They are like rays of sunshine.
I love Angie. She's my best friend but she is also who I want to marry. She doesn't know but she's great to me even when she's not mine.
Angies are hard to find these days.
#perfect #amazing #peppy #beautiful #funny #angela #angi
by indefiniteinfinity September 21, 2011
Sexy, Caring , beautiful, Also known as angelica, cute as hell!
Angie sexy
#angie #angelica #caring #sexy #chicken
by iLikeChicken=] August 14, 2008
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