Smoking hot Ten. Anti-social that will always suprise you with the best conversations. Easy going laughs lots. Smart and athletic.
Angie rules.
by jonas11 September 23, 2010
Beautiful, Amazing, Outgoing, Funny, Kind, Sexy, Definitely the greatest girl ever, This girl will make you laugh and smile every time you see her. A great girlfriend and one you wont regret dating. Best thing is she lives really close to you and goes to West. Also one more thing.......

Will You Go to Prom With Me?

Love, Adrian
Angie youre amazing :)
by Odis rumbleton April 21, 2011
Dead sexy, amzing, funny, loves to hangout people. She's the most spectacular, lovable, greatest person you could ever meet. Has a great personality will always make you laugh and will show you great time any time. charming and thoughtful. It is a person that you want to be with everyday of your life. someone who will let you know what she thinks. Incrediably Awesome and miraculous a person who is a leader The fucking boss!
Dude that chick!

What about her?

She must be an Angie<3
by Ddogg94 October 16, 2011
Angies are beautiful, smart girls. They are shy sometimes, but once you get to know them, they are a bit crazy but amazing people to hang out with. Angies are social and are very outgoing. They are a lot of fun and always nice. They don't act fake around people, they are who they are and they don't change. Overall, they are great to around with.
Angie rules.
by thischick99 August 22, 2013
Preferred human drug, has longer effects than ecstasy, weed, and happy brownies (also considered as one).. beautiful on the outside but even more gorgeous in the inside. Andshe is the Incognito for Angie used to cover up Julius love for her on his facebook posts. the beatles musical lovers. proper alter name for Angel.
She is my babe, she is my Angie.
You know who makes my heart beat?: Angie M?
Andshe stole my my heart... and keept it for her...
by J Angielandrus July 14, 2011
Angie is a hard girl to figure out she is very unique compared to other girls she dresses like a guy some times even mistaken as one but once you get to know her well she will be open with you and you will just want to spend every moment with her and when she smiles it makes you happy and when she's sad or mad you will always be on her side she is really random an fun she is kick-ass at halo 3 , mine craft is her favorite game, and she's gotten every one of the call of duty games specially mw3 .
she is really into sports usually plays with the guys not the girls because she really isn't girly at all and hates all those girls that are always asking her if she's a tomboy because she is and there is no problem with it she's really smart and enjoys having challenges and runs fast but she's not the fastest and will probably beat anybody at arm wrestling .
she claims to not have any crushes when actually its her best friend

Angie is some one you want to be for the rest of your life
and she doesn't care about any thing but life friends and family
girl 1- why are al the boys with Angie she's a tom boy
girl 2- well she is prettier than us she doesn't even wear make up and she is alot stronger

girl 1- what does that have to do with anything
girl 2- it means that since she is like a boy she understands boys and is just like them and is like a perfect good bro but a girl that they could date so its like a fantasy for them
girl 1- but why is she like that
girl 2- she's Angie
by IAmTheAttack October 15, 2012
Angie is a very beautiful girl with big boobs and hella ass.
she must be a Angie
by elpincheclassic January 27, 2015
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