An all you can eat clam buffet connoisseur.
That Angie sure does know a good clam!
by Nipsy Magoo February 03, 2010
An idiotic fool who thinks she is better than everyone else because she can be stereotyped and thinks that the fact that she even belongs in a stereotype makes her unique. An Angie usually suffers from special snowflake syndrome and has no ideas or opinions of her own, making her a secondhander. Angies can not defend themselves. In other words, she would rather send her mother out to fight for her to protect herself. She will also take any insult you throw at her as a compliment, using the excuse that "she is popular enough for you to insult her at all." She tries extremely hard to work any sarcasm into every sentence that comes out of her mouth thinking it makes her sound funny. When an Angie is not using sarcasm, she will respond with the least likely response to whatever it is that she is responding to, thinking it makes her a unique individual (example below). Angies are convinced that they're god's gift to humanity, so do not give an Angie a compliment of any kind. She will immediately post something on her facebook/myspace/livesocial regarding your compliment. If you are ever approached by an Angie, it is best that you immediately make clear that you are NOT her best friend, otherwise she will most likely consider you BFFs for a short while, until she meets another random stranger. On a positive note, however, an Angie is very easy to get in bed. She will drop her panties for almost anyone.
HeyThere1: Hey, Angie, what are your plans for tomorrow?

XxAngiexX: I love cupcakes!!!! <3
by AntiAngie August 18, 2011
v: means to "take that", comes from die and like it; it is used when you get a really good shot on someone in mario cart
(you hit toad with a well placed green shell and he falls into the water)

by candaaaaay November 08, 2006
A bitchy girl who will do anything for money. She likes being called a whore and more than likely has an STD. She has big boobs.
Look at that deer, shes racked like Angie!
by kaleed September 23, 2006
having no friends, a complete loser who is unsocial and loves Bob Saget.
Don't invite Angie, she has no friends.
by amanda, layne, and angieee November 23, 2007

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