the sweetest sexiest girl in the world if a girl is an angie she probably has short red hair huge boobs and is really kind and caring.
Guy 1 Are you dating angie?
Guy 2 Hell ya!
Guy 1 You lucky bastard
by Bob J. Arson November 24, 2007
good at sexual game, shy but when you will know her, you could trust her , do what you want witthout being judge, the perfect girl, athletic, beautiful. the perfect girlfriend
Angie is good in everything😉
by props23 January 18, 2015
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet who is different but still extremely amazing at heart.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes and is fucking awesome.
Fred: Did you see that girl
Jim: Yeah that's Angie the best person ever
Fred: Damn I wish I was friends with her
by HowardTheDuck May 17, 2012
Extremely HOT, anyone would tap that ass.
Wow, she is defiantly an Angie!
by laaen101 April 03, 2015
A girl that likes but touching for sure
angie likes but touching.
by but touching August 05, 2011
Angie is a wonderful girl who doesn't talk much. She claims she is skinny but she isn't.
Everyone loves angie
by ANGIE February 20, 2013
A man or woman who you meet online or on the phone (anonymously) who gives you the satisfaction of a real relationship. Specifically, an angie has unstable mental tendencies and is unusually possessive. Having an angie is a safe practice so long as you do not give him/her your real name or phone number.
person 1: "So I heard you got yourself an angie?"

person 2: "Hell yeah, he told me he loved me, he hated me and he would die without me and this was all on day one."

person 1: "Yeah, that's an angie alright!"
by angielover August 25, 2011

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