The common response, to unjust treatment, are exaggerated depictions of anger have also found ways of negatively stereotyping some ethnic minority and majority groups together. An individual may chose to avoid discrimination in order to avoid exhibiting behavior stereotype. The options such individuals face, are to suppress their anger, direct it inward, redirect in creative ways, or express it overtly in appropriate ways. Suppressing anger inward towards self leads to self-destruction. Suppressing anger uses a lot of psychic energy and is not long-term solution.
Redirecting anger in creative ways requires sufficient skill as well as minimal level of emotional, tangible, and psychological resources. When people become frustrated with no-win situations, they are re-enforcing negative situation. Individuals in this situation are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, the essence of a double bind.

Beacon Press 2003.

Writing a Journal is a positive way to handle a negative situation. Painting is a Solution. Water is a Function, land is a depiction and you helped me find you. A much better way of understanding holding up the suppression of voices not wanting the constant war games, that’s a short-term goal. The long-term effort is not winning a game, if all sides are adjacent and not backwards then the previous history of management. KGK1020
This is a more positive way to deal with an emotional situation we thank you for your efforts. Coming to a conclusion about your own meta-awareness is left upon your own mind until we recon with what created the fiasco in the first measure of it all.

Pardon me sir, but do you have the time of the accounts in question and the proper way to handle the best of civility vs common associantion?

Tus muy lindas agaus nos daras, lloviendo...Para aueste ofico?
by KWlf88<*}}}}}> January 19, 2010
It begins as a feeling of slight frustration. Maybe you'll growl or let out a few careless "fucks". Can be caused by slight things, like spilling your drink on your clothes. It's more of an annoyance scratching the inside of your skull, not anger.

The next level can be characterized with more magnitude than the first "stage" I described. You'll curse and put on a hostile facial expression. People may begin to notice.

The third stage is a more intense, and unrestained version of phase two. You'll clench your fists and yell. Adrenaline often will begin pumping, depending on your situation.

The last stage is what people refer to as rage. You lose control of yourself. Anything that comes in your way will often become a victim of a punch. In this stage, the conscious mind does not exist and cannot stop you from making choices, eg fighting. The most amazing feeling about this is the unrelenting strength that you receive from the pumping adrenaline.

Anger is truly an amazing yet destructive emotion, it brings you closer to your true primal roots.

But always remember, before you become angry, decide if it is for a righteous cause.
Your anger is a gift
by Fellow Rageaholic October 27, 2006
in depth or comprehensively. Within the context of using something 'in anger.'
No commander, I can't say for certain that our missile guidance system is accurate until we have used it in anger.
by Definitely not Matthew April 06, 2004
to be used exclusively when kicking a basketball staright up in the air when mad after losing a game of bump/21 and then to yell very loudly.
i just lost
by joshua21 July 25, 2008
any large quantity or instance of formidable or dangerous persons, such as an Anger of Lesbians; a group in public, intending to do harm to those not like themselves: I was attacked by an Anger of Lesbians because I was had no visible flannel showing on my person.
Becareful! There's an Anger of Lesbians over there.
by Lelak May 21, 2009
Something that boils in my blood until you see the tiger come out. I hate the English language and what it's become! Some words aren't so pretty! Whatever, I'm allowed to use whatever language I want. Let me speak your damn language. Fuck shit damn Tourettes?
"Don't anger the tiger" "she bites."
by álainnarach March 31, 2015

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