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Japanese for "Just as Planned". A phrase made popular by Light Yagami of Death Note.
Light's amazing plan worked out exactly as he had planned. "Keikaku doori", he exclaimed.
by hallwaykun July 22, 2008
acronym for World Canadian Bureau.

Stephen Abootman is the president/leader/head of the WGA.
by hallwaykun April 06, 2008
Toki Wartooth's way of spelling bathroom.
"Maybe he has to go to the b-a-s-t-h-r-o-h-m-n-s-e (basthrohmnse)."
-Toki Wartooth
by hallwaykun April 23, 2008
A word used by Nathan Explosion,in the song Face Fisted, used to express being angry and dangerous at the same time.
So strong my face is
You punch break fingers
Kick me you're limping
Stab me you're bleeding
I am be angerous now
You throwing rock at me
Hit eye and it no hurt me
by hallwaykun November 02, 2007

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