by kariyakid October 29, 2009
I'm too quick to judge. I used to think AVA sucked because:
a) I was told they only had a few good songs
b) Tom DeLonge won't shut the fuck up about 'Finding God' and all that religious crap.
But I was told to give them a listen and now I love them. I am such a hypocrite!
Angels and Airwaves's songs are lengthier than any other Blink 182 song you may have heard and there's no songs about fucking dogs in the ass. These songs actually have a serious message in them.
The downside is that Tom DeLonge thinks he can change the world. As much as I like him, that's a pretty scary thought. He also thinks that the songs on 'We Don't Need to Whisper' will 'change your life'. Not true. Of course there are a couple of nice, uplifting songs that make you feel good but they won't change your life. Ever.
1. 'The Adventure' was Angels and Airwaves first single. Coming from the guy who used to be in 'the naked band', it's pretty impressive.

2. Angels and Airwaves are good but I miss Blink 182. I hope they get back together soon.

3. Tom DeLonge - "I believe I can change the world"
Me - Nobody can change the world. It's already fucked up. Please just stick to playing guitar and singing!
(What I would say if I heard him say that)
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 09, 2006
Angels and Airwaves is a group of four yuppies who failed 1st grade English.
Classmate 1: How do you abbreviate a three worded phrase?

Tom Douche: Well you take the middle word and replace it with a letter that is not in the middle word. So to abbreviate "Just Do It" you would write JXI

Classmate 1: Ohh so to abbreviate "Angels and Airwaves" you would write AQA, right?

Tom Douche: No idiot! It's AVA. Now go build an imperialist empire that limits freedom of thought.

Jesus: Win!
by !thriller! April 30, 2010
Only seriously listened to and followed around to boo Tom Delonge off stage, get him to sing Blink-182 songs, yell at him to go back to Blink, and follow the news to see if he decided to take his head out of his ass and realize that he's a serious babe and is not helping anyone with this pathetic excuse for a band. Oh, and nobody really knows/cares about the other members of the band.

This band is in no way "epic" Tom, and the songs aren't that great.

Me: "I saw Angels and Airwaves at Warped, Tom was a real asshole, wasn't funny at all, and his voice sounded worse than usual"

Don't get me wrong, I love Tom's retarded voice, but now it's just dead to me.
asshole bitch angels and airwaves tom delonge
by RayRaythekiwi September 14, 2008
a shitty, over rated band fronted by probably the most pretentious assfuck in the world, tom delonge.
while they offer no real musical talent, it is fun to laugh at tom's stage antics, and what makes it even better is that he's being serious.
"angels and airwaves is the best sounding music to come out in 20 years! what little fucker is gonna copy me this year?"
- Tom Delonge on being delusional.
by not clouded by delusion August 11, 2008
Good band. Keeps some old punk style, but now focuses on inspiration. Tom thinks he can change the world with his album. Songs are 5-7 minutes, which are quite long.

Some people call them emo, but I wouldnt say that. They borrow nothing from the former emo trends and they have created their own genre.
Person1: Blink 182 is good! Angels and Airwaves (AVA) SUCKS! SO EMO!
Person2: Blink 182 was messed up with really sick humor and stuff. Its so gay. AVA ROX.
*Person 2 uses mind control device on Person 1*
Person1: Ohhh I get it now. AVA rox! Agreed.
by RevolutionsEnd September 29, 2006
shit music made by the man that held blink 182 back. check out +44 cause the fucking pwn A&A.
fag kid #1: hey wanna listen to angels and airwaves?
fag kid #2: yeah and afterwards we can have buttsex!
fag kid #1 YAY!
by john gallione November 11, 2006

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