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A Nu-millenium band which can be described as a mix between explosions in the sky(band), christian rock, and emo.

Very different, and if all songs are listened to, quite original.

Also, while some say that the abbreviation A&A is simultaneous to Coheed and Cambria's C&C, this is incorrect. The bands official logo is AVA: the V is the a in "and" flipped upside down, and the abbreviation is meant to read "Ava", otherwise known as Tom Delonge's daughter Ava.
Person 1: "God stop playing that emo SHIT!"
Person 2: "Dude...Angels and Airwaves isn't just emo. Just because you can't understand half the words and you are upset because you arent as openly emotional as the band doesn't mean they suck. Besides, there is such thing as good emo, so stop labeling every band you hate with that overrated slang, bitch."
by jennakv68 August 11, 2006

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