the act of spamming on aim in hopes of lagging one's computer
me (12:12:17 PM): stop spamming me !
HEY to K (12:12:20 PM): u got angeliqued
by cookies for dinner November 27, 2008
A woman deemed to be tall like a man. Such a lady would usually be 6 foot tall or more.
Mate, you're not tall enough to handle an Angelique
by MC Minion August 03, 2007
weird slutty females. often enjoy performing anal sex with many boys. most commonly her boyfriends friends.
fuck bro that angeliques ass is like a box of cows tongues after last night
by lawismygame820 February 05, 2010
the act of having sex with a teacher that is forty years old.
damnn she got busted for doing an angelique
by ilovebethhhhh April 19, 2007
A man-stealing backstabbing robotic bitch. Never to be trusted. Dull, plain, and boring like a life in her whatsoever. Enjoys making others feel like shit. A complete lie and blemish on the face of the world, she needs to jump off a cliff that has rocks at the bottom. And guess what? No one will go to the funeral Bitch!
Angelique is unberablle and disgusting in so many ways...

"That girl basically stole my boyfriend, what an Angelique!"
by whatnowbitches! December 28, 2009

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