A girls name;
She is the most beautiful girl on the planet and has the best personality. She still is haunted by her past mistakes, but one day they will be nothing but a bad memory. She likes raccoons and bear cubs, and she is a sucker for piano. If you know what it is like to win this girls heart, then you will be able to die happy.
Alice: Do you know who Angela is?

Brad: Yes, and one day I will marry her. I know it.
by DeltaTheChange July 05, 2011
A girl who is perfect in every way. She has georgous dark hair and mysterious brown eyes. She has a beautiful hourglass figure and often has a boyfriend. She has lots of friends who all think she's georgous! Angelas get straight As, have an awesome sense of humor, are kind to everyone, and are adorable. Angelas are talented, amazing dancers who love music. The only flaw in an Angela is that she will never see these things in herself. She's very depressed and insecure.
Person 1: "Angela, how are you so smart?"
Angela: "Im not even that smart!"
Person 1: "You're pretty, too!"
Angela: "You're prettier than I am!"
by McLuvinnn May 04, 2013
Angela is the nicest girl you will ever meet, if you have a dire problem go to Angela. she is the best friend you will ever have but NEVER get on the wring side of her because she can be a nasty bitch f you do.

She is amazingly beautiful, warm brown eyes and wavy dark hair she is a stunner.

Happy bubble personality and cant understand why anyone would be mean to her.
1: dude, she's so happy all the time, how does she do that?
2: she's an angela
by izzyG November 14, 2012
A beautiful, strong capable woman. She is very smart and she has the most gorgeous, sparkling eyes. She is shy when you first meet her but once you take the time to get to know her she is quite fun to be around. She will never usually make the first move to talk to her crush as she is too shy but will start talking once her crush takes the time to talk to her. Angela is a girl who will stand up for what is right and won't let anyone get in her way. She also really loves sloths.
Person 1: woah, who's that girl who just walked in? She's stunning!
Person 2: that's Angela. If you like her you better make the first move.
by Mr magic man May 23, 2013
Perfect in any and every way she makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt every time she speaks to you, She tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.
I love you angela xx
by st3v3n August 21, 2012
If you have a bestfriend named Angela then you are the luckiest peron in the world!But if you lose her it will stap you in the heart and make you feel like your dying!It will take you a really long time to get her back but when you do make sure you tell her your sorry and it will never happen again...never let her out of your eye sight hang out with her everyday!=)When you do get your bestfriend back text her everyday try to hang out with her all the time and invite her places whenever you can!When your around her it feels like your an ANGEL just going to heaven its everything you amagined!=)When you see the text that says hey this is your bestfriend **It feels amazing!**
WOW just hung out with my bestfriend Angela and i had a blast!=)
by sammy321 June 27, 2012
A beautiful girl whos smile brightens up anyones day! Her hair is of a dark chocolate often long and curly and very sexy. Angelas like to have fun and joke around. They are often shy when around the one they like or love. But once they are comfortable with that person they are themselves. Angelas are very trustworthy and caring person. Angelas have cute sexy little bodies with a nice ass. Angelas are known for being great in bed and can make any guy feel like a man. So go find yourself an angela (;
Damn, have you seen angelas ass? She got cake!

I'd tap that!
by Andrew342 March 10, 2013

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