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(pronounced Anj or Ange)
Short for Angela but cooler! An Ang is very caring and generally a happy person. She likes to laugh and have friends around. She is quick-witted and often popular but doesn't take any shit from people, although tends to disguise this as sarcasm or 'joking'. Ang's are talented and expressive. They make good mediators, teachers, counselors and nurses.
That girl is sooo funny! what an Ang!!
by softy74 February 06, 2010
An Ang is strong, sexy, and unbelievably charming. Someone that every girl/boy wants to have. Popular and very social. Also a great kisser, and fucker. Angs are loved by all their guy friends and his girl friends. Also very athletic and humble. Often tend to care too much.
"Ang is so hot. What an Ang."
by nobodysromeo August 15, 2015
An acronym for the term "All Night Gaming"
Billy - "Dude, you want to ANG tonight?"
Bob - "I'm game."
by lostgamer March 11, 2008
Pronounced "Ange" or "Anj"
A random expression of sadness or disappointment,
can be used for several reason:
Opening a disappointing gift
Missing someone
Being owned
Me: Oh, I hope i got a Wii for my bday!
*opens gift, its a bugle*
Me: Ang.


*randomly thinks about love of my life who i havent seen for agessss*
Me: Ang.


Bully: Your such a catnut
*i cant think of a comeback*
Me: Ang.
by KatnuttKATASTROPHE December 27, 2008
To extremely want. Great unbearable anticipation for an event or to receive something you want. To ang. the act of looking forward; especially : pleasurable expectation. Most commonly used as "anging"
"I've been anging all week to open my Christmas presents" says little Johnny to his brother.
by Mum 1 May 26, 2007
Penis; male genital.
I've got the ang for that boomer.
by Mudring February 06, 2011
A word that is equivalent to the slang, sike. This word is prevalent and exclusive only to Filipino peoples in Southern California, USA. "Ang" is usually added to the end of a sentence, and is mainly used as an indication that a previous sentence was meant to be a joke.
boy1: Hey man...
boy2: Heeeey maaaan...
boy1: Wanna play Street Fighter at my house tonight?
boy2: Um, sure... just as long as your hot sister is around... ang!!!
boy1: Asshole... ang!
by Kenohki June 16, 2006
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