The sexiest man alive. Absolutely irresistible. Can't get enough. Faggy clothes, good taste in music, SEXY! I want to freak him in my sleep he's so amazing!
Mr. B Andy
by Mrs. BS July 04, 2009
A mean son of a bitch who shouldn't be fucked with. A true badass. Gets all the girls and loves passionately and deeply.
He's so Andy!
by Fordlover January 22, 2015
to knock someone out of their chair
Person 1: "hey give me back my seat!"
Person 2 "no!"
*Person 1 tips the chair over, Person 2 falls on the floor*
Person 3 "ohhhhh, he just got andied(andyed)!"
by wafflezer May 20, 2015
The sexiest man alive. Best kisser ever, great hair, and a smile that makes you melt
Wow. Hes such an andy
by Harry Warfel May 20, 2015
The rare species Andrew steel or more commonly known as andy is currently in a homosexual friends with benefits relationship with his beloved car ! As the andy suffers from a lack of development in the pre frontal cortext of his brain his risk judgment is very inaccurate ! He can be found doing over 100km in a 60km zone in an area behind a police station where many police cars often are found! He also enjoys woman with large breasts and good banter often shared with Lucy or Nathan 😊 He enjoys playing pool in his spare time and skittles are one of his favourite foods ! He is over confident at times and believes he can effectively crack an egg with one hand which he can't ! Overall andy is a genuine lovely caring person though at times reckless and stupid who is well loved and cared for by his friends 😊 he also needs a new hoodie as always wears the same one
My mate is definitely a true andy, he's something special
by Lewcy March 04, 2015
A perverted douchebag with a demonic laugh. He is a musician, very tall, and has a twin brother named after the bowl haircut loser from Smosh. He has weird mousy colored hair and blue eyes. He is chubby. And he can bench 200lbs. His ego is bigger than a black guys penis.
Andy said he has a massive dong. And he does.
by jfhbdfjgrejiherugio August 06, 2014
An Andy is a boy who is very self conscience about his hair. He is funny but most of his jokes only appeal to a few people. He always tries to match but never quite knew about style. Andy likes to talk to girls but he never let anyone know about any relationships. He has big feet and never really matured.
Way to be so andy about your hair
by Auayayayayayay March 10, 2015

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