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An amazing man who all ladies want to spit game at, he is getting boned very often he is most likely getting some rightnow, he is a boss at everything he does you name it surfing, skating, and doing tricks on fixed gear bikes.
omg, Andy is such a fucking cutie.
by Fixed gear December 31, 2011
11 3
An amazing, sexy, bright and humorous man who is perfect. He is perfectly suited for me although other people may not agree. He displays hints that he has feelings for me and i still dont have the courage to tell him how i feel.
Andy is always gonna be in my heart.
by longingforyou January 26, 2011
48 40
FAT, HUMONGOUS, THROBBING, PENIS (average mass:ten pounds)
Mary: So how was Larry in bed?
Jessica: Amazing. His dick was so big you would think his name was Andy
by Gargo Penis April 09, 2012
11 4
coolest guy ever, usually has brown hair, and brown eyes. extremely handsome, loves BMXing, sweetheart... makes and awsome big brother, he is usually a christian, who enjoys making people laugh...you want to talk to him all the time.
who is that hilarious cute guy over there?
that would be andy...
by sunnygirl1234567890 July 08, 2011
22 15
is the Perfect man for any girl. He'll make you cry because your so happy. He's the one man who's worth marrying.

Hes like the sun and all of the other people in the room revolve around him like planets. If your his girlfriend you have to watch your back because every other girl will want him. He is a ladies man.
Be prepared to be stared at because while your with him everyone will watch the two of you.

He loves snowmobiling and fourwheeling and any other man toys you can think of.

Hes amazing in bed, with hair you could play with for hours. He has strawberry blonde hair thats very curly and thick. He has a great ass and is really strong. His bright white smile makes your heart melt. His eyes are like lake michigan with flecks of gold in them :).

Hes very successful and when he wants something he get it. Once you love him you can never let him go.

He acts cute always. He has amazing dimples and bruises very easily on his neck ;). He gets hurt very easily and needs to be loved and comforted. Take care of him like no other. He deserves perfection and expects nothing less.
Love him.
I Love Andy Forever and Always.

Me: Todays Andy's and my anniversary!

You: Your dating him? LUCKY!
by thewife102 February 07, 2011
32 28
Awesomeness oozes from every part of this person.

Sometimes does NOT have the best judgment in girlfriends.

A name for a small Australian animal who runs about at night and swings from trees!

Huge penis, great in bed!
Now if you sit and watch you may see an andy!
by austra26 June 25, 2009
117 113
The sexiest man alive. Absolutely irresistible. Can't get enough. Faggy clothes, good taste in music, SEXY! I want to freak him in my sleep he's so amazing!
Mr. B Andy
by Mrs. BS July 04, 2009
119 119