melinda: omg look at him! whattaa andy!
by ZAHA August 21, 2009
Someone who is awesome
& is full of pro-ness.
when you don't talk to them,
you feel as if something is missing.
he is kind, spice and everything nice.
hes also really sweet.
and will always make you laugh + smile..
sometimes you dishonest.
he goes "quack quack"
oh and hes a black,white & yellow cow.
has great taste in music and i guess hes coool.
in general; he is just the best outta the rest :D
you're amazing.
" You're being an Andy "
by Kaybabyy January 04, 2010
He is a man that is as irresistable as a piece of candy. He is sweet and hard all the way around. You cant help but want to taste him.
That man is sexy! He is totally ANDY!
I soooo need some Andy today!
by wudntuliketoknow2 February 07, 2010
The most amazing guy ever. Can be shy and kinda quiet. Rele annoying at times, and jokes around way too much. None of that matters though because he is the guy that yu could call up crying at 3 am and he'd be there for yu. The one who noes how to pick u up, when everything seems to fall apart. Makes life a little bit eaiser just by being there, and just makes you wanna smile.
Girl : I was crying in the middle of the night so I called up Andy.
by xooooooxoxoxooxoxoooooooooooo January 08, 2011
andy is the hottest guy to walk this earth, no joke. he so sweet and kind and never lets you down! no matter what you will always love him because he makes you smile through the hardest of times and does stupid things and he really couldn't care what people think as long as he is making you smile. life wouldn't be right without andy, he is so fucking gorgeous, sexy, fun, bangable and the one person you can tryst with your life. always love andywith your heart and soul.
by shizzaym123 August 19, 2011
One who has a fiery temper and no tolerance for BS
Who also keeps their emotions inside until needed then its a nuclear explosion.
A good friend but will insult you if he feels like it.
person one: "Here comes Andy."
person two: "Huh?"
Andy (to person two): "Derp"
by POW April 19, 2012
FAT, HUMONGOUS, THROBBING, PENIS (average mass:ten pounds)
Mary: So how was Larry in bed?
Jessica: Amazing. His dick was so big you would think his name was Andy
by Gargo Penis April 09, 2012
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