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2 definitions by longingforyou

An amazing, sexy, bright and humorous man who is perfect. He is perfectly suited for me although other people may not agree. He displays hints that he has feelings for me and i still dont have the courage to tell him how i feel.
Andy is always gonna be in my heart.
by longingforyou January 26, 2011
Very similar to the Pure Michigan campaign only this is referring to Lenawee Co. and the sights you will never see in any other county in michigan. However most pure lenawee moments are extremly unique, white trashy, redneck & hillbilly-ish.This is most often used as a quirky insult to the inhabitats of Lenawee Co.
Did ya'll see Mike's exhaust fix?
No we didd'nt.
He used a semi truck exhaust & duct tape on his f150.
Thats a Pure Lenawee
by longingforyou July 31, 2011