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noun;(spoo-mont) To dance while pretending to masterbate and throw make believe cum on a close fellow dancer. (as your hand makes a jerking move followed by an opening of the hand as to let it go)
Brady said he's gonna spumante Rebecca tonight during the big weddings dance number.

Howard spumanted George on the dancefloor during the hustle.
#spumant #spumante #spoomont #spumont #spoomant #masterbating on the dancefloor #jerking it on the dancefloor #kenny powers dance
by carl pro32681 May 01, 2011
Politically correct adjectival version of profanities directed derogatorily at specific racial groups, mental/physically-handicapped persons, or homosexuals.
Bad: She is so retarded!
Good: She is so spumante!
by Freakona February 02, 2005
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