A common phrase used to describe the act of being pushed into a large mountain of pineapples. Upon stumbling his/herself to his/her feet, he/she is then knocked to the ground and stomped on repeatedly by a furious Micheal J Fox wearing figureskates. Upon admittance to the hospital, a unborn leopard is fed through the UV into the victims blood stream.
Oh Man, what happened to that chick?
I heard her boyfriend gave her an Andre!
He's so heartless how could he do such a thing!
by AJDL;SDJ;LS August 17, 2011
A colloquialism meaning to completely fuck up.
Oh god he's doing an Andre.
by JulzMUFC April 10, 2013
One of the last few honey bear species on earth. Andres originally originate from hell, as they are very annoying and won't shut up. They especially annoy Emmas, Abigails, and Evens. The reason this creature is considered a honey bear is because it is a honey-colored bear. They can be kind and fluffy at first, but are vicious, once it gets used to your smell. Normally keep little black fluffy dogs as companions.
Dude that Andre is so fuzzy and adorable so is its small fluffy dog

- 2 Minutes Later -

OMG That Andre and its dog just bit my arms off!
by LocoCooker159 January 14, 2013
Not honest. Far from truthful and definitely far from faithful. He'll probably cheat on you with 5+ girls and lie to your face without feeling a thing. If your interested in anyone named Andre, run. They'll literally ruin you with their immaturity, lies, and stupidity.
My boyfriend Andre cheated on me..... Again!!!!!
by Truth teller May 15, 2014
A Andre, A Type of person who is always depressed and acts like an asshole.
Who bullshits himself everyday, and regrets everything that he does after he does something bad. A Selfish person.
Andre why you so down all the time?

Andre your such an idiot!

Andre You always do something so stupid.
by DontHateMeHateYourName May 16, 2014
A person who is really interested in you one day and randomly has a change in their mood the next day because they don't know what they want. Usually an indecisive, immature guy.
Boy: "Hey, I really like you and want to spend the rest of my life with you."
Girl: "Aw me too."
Next morning...
Boy: "So I just wanna be friends."
Girl: wow, he totally just pulled an Andre
by Dr. Jack Jessica September 27, 2014
1. Super sexy guy who is wanted by everybody. Is the nicest guy you will ever meet, has a great sense of humor, is a lot of fun, is extremely talented and loved by everyone. Makes an amazing boyfriend.

2. Name that comes from Hispanic origin. Meaning "brave" or "courageous."
Linda: Do you know Andres?
Hildeguard: Yes, hes perfect.
Linda: I know, right! I wish he was mine.
Hildeguard: Me, too.
by cacaafacee December 22, 2014

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