a guy that tries too hard to get pussy. and looks like a frog
whos that crazy kid thats always horny?

that's andre bro..
by grgggggggggggg September 05, 2011
A mistake, or unexpected occurrence, in a piece of software or in a piece of hardware. (Bug)
there's a fkin andre!!!
by sometester February 04, 2008
classified as bein a chavvy twat by most people who are unluckily enough to know him

maybe he is gay...who knows....maybe he likes to pray on younger underage models...but thats ok its just the only way he can get some nookie...aww bless his little soul.....emphasis on the word little ;-)

only a month left until he has his wee L plates up...that is if he is able to see above the steering wheel.....i will feel sorry for the guys he pesters that he thinks he knows actin all big lad...and for the girls he picks up

by grace2k9 July 09, 2009
A common phrase used to describe the act of being pushed into a large mountain of pineapples. Upon stumbeling his/herself to his/her feet, he/she is then knocked to the ground and stomped on repetedly by a furious Micheal J Fox wearing figureskates. Upon admittance to the hospital, a unborn leaopard is fed through the UV into the victems blood stream.
Oh Man, what happened to that chick?

I heard her boyfriend gave her an Andre!
He's so heartless how could he do such a thing!
by TheRhinestoneCowboy April 26, 2010
A wine for which you can get the most bang for your buck. College girls love Extra Dry and Brut at 7 dollars a pop. It's perfect for New Years, Greek functions, cheap mimosas, bubbly toasts and when you want to look like an Alkie Stepford Wife. It's fun to share but its even more fun to drink the whole thing yourself.
I got 5 bottles of bubbly for less than $40 for this weekend - Thanks Andre!
by Jane4905 October 21, 2005
A cheap champagne that comes in a bunch of different varietys.Strawberry,Peach Passion,Brut,Extra Dry,Spumante,Pink etc. Under $5 a bottle.
Yo homeboy pass me that Andre.

I'm doing it big tonight,poppin some Andre.

by Harley Folgado December 31, 2008
An inanimate object that one pushes up their ass for pleasure. For the most part, men are more involved in this act. Once the Andre is pushed in, it leaves the person with a gift of rashes and lumps.
"Todd gave his boyfriend his Andre so that they can express their true love for one another."
by Tatybutthead December 04, 2012

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