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Noun; An anal orgasm occurs when you hold in a monster shit for too long and finally let loose. After enough time passes, the levvy will break on brown river, and the feces flood will pour out. The quality of an anal orgasm (or simply "AO!") is dependent upon the girth of the ass tremors which create this unnatural disaster. When the eruption occurs, it will feel plain magical, but be forewarned; it is best to be in the vacinity of a T-bowl or else you're going to have a grizzly poo-lava mess on your hands.
"Holy Cow, Brandis just had an anal orgasm in the bathroom that registered a fuckin' 12 on the Richter Scale! Not only am I still shaking from her not-so-humble rumble, but the smell is just plain fuckin' killing me."
by Jon Beech August 30, 2006
The achievment of sexual climax through recieving anal sex alone, without simultaneous stimulation of the vagina or penis.
Bret stroked his lubed cock into his pre-op shemale friends ass deep and hard. "She" (Sarah) cluched the bed sheets and began to moan louder and louder until "her" thighs began to quiver, toes curled, and eyes opened wide at which point "she" screamed out "OH GOOOD!!" and without either Sarah herself nor Bret having stroked her cock exploded in orgasm and squirted cum several inches onto her big fake breasts. Sarah then came again without any touching of "her" cock and this time Sarahs eyes rolled back into her head and she lay on the bed shivering in a semi daze. Sarah knew then what it was to have a purely anal orgasm.
by sexpert989 November 30, 2009
When a guy fucks a guy ass so good that he cums without much penis stimulation
last time i had anal i blew b4 he did. The best anal orgasm i ever had
by Frazzle6 March 12, 2006
while buttfucking a girl u do it so hard and so great that between ur cock being inside her ass and ur balls slammings against her clit u give her an orgasm she'll never forget
i was buttfucking this girl last night and before i knew it she was having an anal orgasm and cummed all over my balls and since she was so grateful of the orgasm she decided to lick her cum off my balls
by luckybastard July 31, 2005
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