Means lame or stupid. A substitute for modern usage of "gay".
Rico: Hey dude how was class today? I skipped
Mathew: oh dude good thing you skipped. class was fucking amish today
by Jimbo Gobstopper April 16, 2008
a person who throws up easily

in reality though they are people who are afraid of change so they think technology is the devil
my sister said amish people yeah there the ones who throw up easily.
by booburry February 08, 2007
The dancing woodchuck often mentioned in Bulgarian folklore.
Let's go laugh at the Amish!
by yo' momma January 02, 2004
an amazing friend. someone who is so very loyal to you in every way that counts. a person that cares so much about his friends but doesn't show it.
amish is payal's best friend.
by payal April 09, 2005
parents that are mad gay, and make up retarted rules
Matts parents wouldnt let him ride in Josh's car they are so fuckin amish
by Mario party players April 28, 2006
Something that is lame, uncool, stupid, or otherwise unworthy of further consideration.
"Man, that is so Amish that Susie dumped Jane! I wanted to get together with both of them!"
by Jesse October 15, 2004
A codeword in the gay community used to identify someone as being homosexual
Jonnie admitted he was Amish, he just came out of the closet.
by T-Dub June 09, 2004
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