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western most province of canada.
capitol in victoria, the garden city.
known for the 'best chronic'
amazing parkland
big trees
will be a giant hippy comune in the future, i can see it now.
Wow, I sure am high.. Glad I got this weed from British Columbia.
by t-dub March 25, 2004
A Candy Yet, an Insult.
Ha, Taylor West, what a Jewbe fruit
by T-Dub January 20, 2004
1. Hustler; 2. Boss Pimp (See also Craig Reese); 3. Fly Ass Bitch
That girl is Tracy Wells
by T-Dub March 14, 2005
n. someone who mocks or makes fun of a person or group of people that is stoned or high.
oh my god, what are you talking about?...you're a fucking crushit.
by t-dub April 18, 2005
A codeword in the gay community used to identify someone as being homosexual
Jonnie admitted he was Amish, he just came out of the closet.
by T-Dub June 09, 2004
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