a once great band who is now overrated. american idiot is hailed a politically-charged "rock opera". as optimistic as i am about the return of pop music to something deeper, more intelligent and controversial, green day has made a commendable effort, but fallen short. purely musically speaking, american idiot is mediocre. a couple decent songs, but interwoven with a tired theme. it seems the california garage band has taken themselves too seriously. rock and roll has always been an outlet for protest, but the message is misguided when it is intended for twelve year olds who only listen to green day for punk rawk street cred.
a valiant effort, delivered to a nescient audiance.
by katherleen August 18, 2005
Everyone in America
"Hey Looks theres those American Idiot's"
by Brandon. H March 14, 2005
A fantastic album. I think more people would like it if they would sit down and listen to the message... beacause its a very good one, and people need to hear it. Sure, they may not like George Bush, but tahts not what the album is about. It's about American Youth and the decisions, trials, and tribulations we all go through, and the decisions we have to make. Its telling us to participate if we desire change, instead of having the same old "I dont care if you don't" attitude, and to be an individual, not a phonie.
"Stand still when its do or die, you better run for your fucking life" letterbomb
by H.D. Thoreau March 10, 2005
2004 Album release from "Green Day," the influential punk/alternative rock band. The concept is a rock opera following the lives of youth in a world they portray as media dominated and where they have no voice.
American Idiot is the only album this year where every single song is great.
by andy February 16, 2005
1.) name of album produced by Green Day, and Adeline records in 2004.

2.) track 1 on the album American Idiot

3.) What Jesus Of Suburbia hates in the album, but unfortunetly turns into, but then brings his act up.
Think of Avril Lavgine, an American Idiot
by Freddie94 June 09, 2006
a. An overrated conceptual rock-album by the "punk" band Green Day.

b. 1.) The modern overly-patriotic American. 2.) The modern tasteless mainstream consumer.
a. The new Green Day album "American Idiot" is an overblown album that conveys very few insightful ideas about modern politics and pop culture.

by Gus Falcon September 13, 2005
Green Day's newest album. Its an amazing rock opera that combines muscial genius with the cold hard truth. People keep on dissing it because it made them more famous then they were before or because its different from the rest of the albums. I think its the most popular because its anti-Bush and most (hopefully all) people today hate him, and secondly, so what if its different? Its still amazing, but so are Dookie and Nimrod.
I saw a big difference between St. Pepper's and Revolver but no one said The Beatles sold out.
by Fannerz April 03, 2005
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