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Any person from the Americas but usually means someone from the U.S.
Contrary to the popular opinion of other countries (France,England, ect.) we are not all fat, stupid, arrogant, and violent. We still have the leading education system in the world, we are well aware that 1/3 of the world hates us and are not war mongers. If people want to criticize us for stereo typing they should at least avoid using stereo types in their argument. True we do have a obesity problem because of a high fat diet with little exercise to compensate. This is mostly because are nation is spread out across a vast distance and drive everywhere because of that.We are not violent rednecks our country has only fought wars when we believed necessary for the security of our citizens. Which if you look at the middle east and Europe where pretty calm. Also most of you owe your freedom to the U.S. for saving you in world war 2. So next time you say Americans are stupid, dum, violent, and arrogant remember we are leading in education, we saved many countries from being taken over by Nazi Germany. Also we are not all monolingual, all states now require 2 years of the same language to graduate and unlike other countries that require you to learn the native language before getting citizen ship the U.S. does not, in fact we don't even have an official language.

P.S. it's not arrogant to defend you country from slander.
Ese americano es muy amable, inteligente y tiene un excelente español.
For those you who aren't Bilingual maybe you should quit mocking the U.S. and learn some Spanish so you can translate that.
by 10j03 October 31, 2011
A person who is born in the Americas normaly in referance to the United States

1) Americans are usally considered unintellegent. This is not always true however Americans are known to butcher languages. As amazing as it my be the majority of Americans are intellegent while they my lack common sense.

2) A dialect of English that is spoken in the United States that is then broken down in to about 4 sub-dialects.
Yes, I am American, I can spell and speak correctly/

American: "Hey can I have chip?"
Englishman eating Lays: "These are crisps"
by The Chickenfoot May 09, 2010
Love us or hate us, think about the huge, positive influence we've had on other countries: DEMOCRACY. Yes, the Greeks may have pioneered the concept, but had it not been for America's successful experimentation with it, you'd still be living under a tyrant.

Also, the highest-rated definitions of this word SICKEN ME. You say we make so many ignorant stereotypes, when you made one yourself right there! Remember, stereotypes hurt everybody.

I DON'T EAT FAST FOOD, AND I DON'T OWN A GUN....yet. Hell, at some point I'm gonna need it! So'll you!
Anyone who disgraces true American culture in front of my face will be slapped.
by StayAwayFromNewJersey January 28, 2011
This definition if for everybody who stereotypes America.

- Just because we have a high obesity rate does not mean every last single person is fat, I'd rather be fat than be starving , I think most normal people would agree

- We are not all stupid, yes there are stupid people but what country doesn't have stupid people, we have most of the elite universities in the world

- We aren't all ignorant, many of us have a desire to travel outside the U.S

- In school they teach us the metric system, and yes I know zero degrees celcius = 32 degrees faranheit

- Anybody who says America deserved 9/11 is heartless and evil, they were innocent people and had nothing to do with the goverment's action

- I know that American means anybody from North, South, or Central America but mainly it means somebody from the U.S because you don't refer to somebody from Brazil as a south american but just as Brazillian to make it more specific

- You can't just sterotype a whole nation and be correct, I could say that in England everyone has bad teeth and drinks tea but that is not true for everybody and it is ignorant which is exactly the same when you try to sterotype Americans

- Also the joke is on the people who are from different countries and sterotype us, I bet you thousands of people from your country come to ours so you are also making fun of your own people
Person A: Hahaha Americans are fat and stupid!

Person B: That is ignorant because American is not a race, Whites, blacks, Arabs, Hispanics, and others come to America so your making fun of your own people
by Jersey Kid November 11, 2007
A citizen of a country in which "freedom" has been stressed to too much of an extent for far too long.

Yes, the word "American" unfortunately is commonly correctly defined as "an ignorant, bigoted, gluttonous prick".

Those Americans who have exploited the word "freedom" are an embarrassment to say the least. I'm an American and I must say I'm humiliated on a day-to-day basis by my fellow citizens' ignorance, but to those of you who are reading this as a non-American citizen, please know we're not all the same.

Anyone who is well educated in world history, however, surely knows of mistakes made by nations in the past. The United States is still a young nation and therefore still exhibits the ignorance that older countries have already learned from.

When you think of the word "American" try to remember that while most Americans exploit the word "freedom" many of them acknowledge the word "accountability".

Fellow Americans: We can change these problems. Humble Yourselves!
Englishman: "Oh dear. Americans have such awful grammar. And why do they talk so loud?"

American: "What you talkin' 'bout bitch?"

Englishman: "Ugh..."
by Oops I'm American May 08, 2010
Usually what you call yourself if you were born in North America. So many young people are spoiled and ungrateful for the roof over their heads, their paid-for education, and the fact that they can just walk into the kitchen and be full. So many people slack in school and would rather party and enjoy their youth instead of think about their futures and how that will impact the lives of their children someday. We can be shallow, uninterested in the rest of the world around us, ignorant and just plain stupid.
But not all Americans drive a Mustang, wear five pounds of make-up on their faces, stuff their faces, or play Xbox until 3 a.m. We don't all speak one language,(I'm on my way to speaking four) and yes, some of us hated Bush as much as you did. Some people are incredibly intelligent, some actually having ambition, aiming to study at the most prestigious schools in the country like Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Obesity is a major problem here, but so are anorexia and bulimia, especially inteen girls. We call Futbol soccer, and American Football, Football. Calling soccer Futbol here will make people think you mean American Football, because Real Madrid is definitely not an American Football team here. I don't understand the American Football craze;being of Latino descent I do understand the FUTBOL craze, and if you ask around, yes some people can actually name five European club teams.
Why do us Americans only dream of traveling to France and Italy? Both beautiful places, but why not open our eyes and see the other places we can discover, like Argentina, Columbia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Fiji, Egypt, Portugal, Ghana and Spain? Its a big world and living in a single culture all your life is as boring as The Hills.
by Percyomadridista January 11, 2011
The ultimate center of steriotypes. Steriotyped as unintelligent, obese, and corrupt toward other countries. Of course, there are people like this is in America, but you will find them elsewhere, too. Also catagorized as redneck, demanding, bitchy (in males and females,) and spell terribly, but these are not as common.
Look at that fat American girl over there telling her Dad in a bitchy way how she got an F on her report card in a redneck voice!

Wow, she really gives that country a bad name.
by The American who is mad April 25, 2011