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Human beings who laugh, cry, create. They are just as capable and have just as much potential and soul as anyone else. They have families, they have lives, they have homes, they have worries, they have emotions. Human beings who are just like anybody else but who are largely discriminated against solely because they are from the United States. Being an American is not easy and it most certainly is not always fun. People who think they are nationalistic don't understand that they need to be patriotic now more than ever, because it's what keeps their spirits up and gives them hope.
"All Americans are stupid, stubborn, obese, arrogant, and think they're awesome because they're from America. Americans are all a bunch of jerks."

"Wow, you sound like a self-centered, ignorant fuck who has no idea what he/she is talking about."
by DerpGirl August 20, 2011
A religious group, usually small, whose practices and beliefs are viewed by the majority as bizarre and abnormal. Cults hold an inordinate amount of control over their members, are usually led by a charismatic leader, and often have a strict set of rules which severely limits members and what they can do with their lives or how they are allowed to spend their time.
The members of the cult all live on a big compound out in the country, and they believe that they are the chosen ones and all who oppose their beliefs are doomed.
by DerpGirl October 09, 2011
(noun) the occurrence of one mumbling an entire conversation to oneself, possibly even answering their own questions, because they are desperate for conversation or they are absent-midedly thinking aloud. Despite popular belief, it is not a sign of psychosis or schizophrenia. Usually.
Winnie continued her selfsation: "Where did I leave my necklace?....Right there on the table. Why was it on the table? Because you put it there, silly. I wonder if Johnny will be back with coffee soon? Give him some time, he only left a couple of minutes ago, jeez..."
by DerpGirl April 25, 2011
A "food romance", pertaining usually to someone who finds extreme pleasure in eating and who spends much time thinking about food.
I think Scott may have an unhealthy fomance with Nutella...
by DerpGirl April 19, 2011
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