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It's a french name. It's a short from of the name Adeline. It means lovely.
That girl's name is Aline.
by randompeoplearecool May 31, 2006
293 146
an unbelievable hot, lovely, intelligent woman who knows what she wants.
Every man should cherish his Aline the way I cherish mine!
Aline is the best thing that could happen to me!
by DAPD8739 September 29, 2008
275 151
When someone that is of the more popular statis is wearing his/her hat or other head dressing at the edge of their head to the point where it looks like if the wind blows from any direction it would fall off thus making them look too cool to associate with. Also seen walking with both hands in jean pockets with head tilted somewhat down and hoodie jacket zipped about half way up.
Person 1: Goshhh, that Sean Compton guy is so fresh and a-line.
Person 2: It's supposed to be windy today, I really hope that his hat doesn't fall off!
Person 1: I know, you are so right Kelly. Then who could we possibly look up to as our a-line hero!?
by Hagitha February 18, 2009
17 9
A term used to describe a teenage male who wears his hat/beanie/hood near the end of his head.
Dude, T.I is so A-line, his beanie is practically hovering.
by Kelly Kwarta February 15, 2009
12 11
hyper-active (sexually) and little
i dont want you pulling an aline on me.
by mike October 01, 2004
169 186