One born or who grew up in Puerto Rico, but has moved into and/or has lived in the US of A for a long period of time.
Watered down or Americanized Puerto Rican.

May not completely fit in here nor there.

Since once there (in PR), they will be seen as Ame-Rican.

Once here (in mainland US of A), they will still seem foreign but are still Ame-Rican.
FYI: Anyone born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico IS an American citizen, automatically. Hence the reason, that in 2005, all born in PR required a NEW birth certificate as proof of birth and automatic citizenship.
Those born in Puerto Rico come in ever color under the sun.
Puerto Rican is NOT a race, it is a birth place.
Attitude makes you Rican, nothing else.
I have lived in Kentucky since 1976, having moved there from Puerto Rico when I was 11. I consider myself an Ame-Rican.
by ID-Whovian October 07, 2014
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Logically you would think the word "american" stands for someone from North or south America, but..

On the internet the words definition has been changed, it is more commonly used to describe an ignorant, mindwashed, stupid or dumb person.

For example you could see a comment like This "are you american or something?" on a video or tweet, that is plainly dumb or too stupid to ever have been thought about
Are you american or something?

It's okay, you're probably American

That is so american of you
by Simon J.R.K January 20, 2016
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A person from from the United States because ppl from canada are canadians, ppl from mexico are mexicans and so on and so forth. A country that freed itself from the British with only the French for support, and fended them off again in 1812. We currently are the custodians of the Dollar, a universal currency that is legal tender in 94 countries and the European Union. Has the best, non-pussy form of football instead of futbol with foot fairies prancing around the field. Invented the bifocal, lightbulb, car, airplane, nuclear submarine, nuke, ICBM, Gatling Gun, Stealth Bomber, and the Bourbon. God bless America and God F*ck the Jersey Shore.
Brit: Blimey! Look at the Americans wounded and killed in WWII, we owe them a debt of gratitude for bailing our arses out!

Nazi: The Americans blew up my house, killed our leadership and nuked our little Jap friends. We'd better surrender to them before the demonic, satanist, communists come and eat our babies and rape our children, beat baby seals, fund global terrorism, and give puppies to a Korean restaurant.

Brit: Bloody good idea chap! Im gonna go give my 4 year old a beer.
by ProudPatriot January 27, 2011
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haha ok so well americans (as in USA not south americans etc. etc..)....they are not all fat, annoying, arrogant, stupid, idiotic people. A matter of fact, there is a very large amount of people who have an eating disorder, and plenty of thousands of people who are not even close to being fat. americans are very athletic, just watch the olympics compared to all the other countries they're doing really well. oh and cmon they are sex crazed, and if u have sex 3 times a week for a year its equivalent to running 75 miles. yes some americans are very rich, as a matter of fact most of them are and most of them have to work fucking hard to earn their money, but also there are many people who are middle class. ok yes americans do have a fetish with cars, but many other countries do to. yes we have a shit president, but really don't blame some random american, cuz they most likly hate bush or didnt vote for him or are to young to vote so dude dont hate teenagers for their president they had nothing to do with it. ok now yes america creates a lot of pollution but also they are very into the whole environment thing,plus america is fucking bigger than a lot of other countries so really they're doing pretty well. america has some of the top schooling, yes its been dropping ever since bush decided to go with plan 'a' 'fuck up america dearly' but a majority of people are highly educated. and yeah that pretty much sums that up. oooh plus if you hate america so much, think about who kicked out all the native indians and took over the land and made civilization...europeans, so really you kind of fucked us up first.
American1: Ew Dude I fucking hate mcdonalds.
American 2: Oh my god, ew calories, lets go shopping!
by j4561551 August 13, 2008
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Greedy people that cant take a joke.
by DaMann February 11, 2015
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synonym for awesome, better than everyone else
I'm an American.

I am better than you at life.
by NeLsoNick January 07, 2007
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Fat, stupid, ugly, etc.
via giphy
by Blueway360 April 11, 2017
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