-A country whose only knowledge of the rest of the world is based on fox news and stereotypes.

-The internet nation

-A bigoted piece o'land

-A country full o'people that misspell british english
American 1: Hey, look, a mexican!
American 2: Yes, just look at that filthy bitch.

American 1: Hey let's play videogames and simulate that we're freeing countries that aren't asking to be freed!
American 2: Yeah! Pwned you n00bs!
by Rodrigo-oh August 27, 2006
The world superpower, soon to collapse and be taken over by China.
Do you remember that country called America?
by Timmy07 September 16, 2006
A crazy country, which would be in deep shit without their precious Oil. Home of the quote "Conquerers", who destroyed many of our world, and caused many Terrorism in the Middle East. Also, where a filthy President, George Bush, took Office. Home to the Dirty damned Nuclear Bombs, that would be caused to destroy the entire world, if let off.

A beautiful countryside, though.
Wow, I just let off a Nuclear bomb from America to Russia! I can't wait to die!

OMG!!! I just laughed at a Frenchman, because we "saved their asses" in WWII, but I "Americanly" forgot that the French saved our asses in the Revolutionary War!

We don't think that, because we're to scared to show our weakness in front of the Frenchies!

Hey, what a nice Countryside.
by LOCAL LOCO July 23, 2008
a mythical Fictitious country. a country that lies. a country soon to be stamped out by china, as well as a possible 2nd great depression.
"America is a myth, the superiority of her war potential is a legend, and the arsenal of democracy is nothing more than a facade to scare europeans
by Commander Greyhawk September 26, 2008
A sad nation filled with ignorance, fear, corruption, prejudice, and organized bullshit religion. America has been turned into a fascist theocracy.
Those stupid fucking Christians, they took over America and ruined it.
by fucking idiot christians April 29, 2007
the FATTEST country in the world
a:for godsakes stop EATING, u fatfuck!!
B: sorry im from america

ex: can i get 3 big mac, 5 doublecheese, and a diet coke for the drink.

by mope January 14, 2006
The pathetic fucking country that I live in. Which 97% of the people are fucking stupid, and the remaining 3% have to suffer because of the majority's stupidity. Fuck jesus freaks. Fuck religious people. Fuck soccer moms. Fuck rednecks. Fuck America.
Americans are stupid, naive, ignorant and will believe anything.
by america is full of retards April 12, 2009

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