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First of all, all of us Americans understand that there are continents called North and South America. However, our country is named The United States of America, so all of you brilliant people please tell us what you think the world should call people from the USA, seems to me that Americans is the most appropriate.

Anyway, those point aside, the USA is the most powerful country the world has ever seen (the world knows that we're the only super power.) We have the most powerful military the world has ever seen, we have the best troops and the best military technology in the world.
We also have the best and most effective legal system in the world (despite some points I personally disagree with such as capitol punishment.)

So what if there's a lot of fatties here, who cares? We all live happier, more fulfilled lives than any other people in the world.

People around the world have negative views of us based on misinformation and from listening the mad non-sense rambling of hate mongers. Typical Americans don't hate the rest of the world it's just the few crazy blindly patriotic rednecks who do.

The rest of the world can hate us for our freedom, our hard working, optimistic outlooks, or really any reason, but it all comes down the this: In America we think free, speak free, live free, work hard and sleep soundly.
I'm a meat eating, beer drinking red blooded American, and I'll stop waving my flag and beating my chest when i'm blue and cold.
by Wrathgarr March 27, 2010
1.People who think that their beer is more potent than America's because somehow, 5% of 12 ounces is more in Canada.
2. People who are proud of their macro brew, rubbishy, factory beer.
3. People who are smug because they don't make the mistakes America does simply because of their inertia and inability to do anything important in the world.
4. People whose only claim to pride is sports and comedians....because those are really important.
American: you guys are proud of this beer? It takes like balls!
Canadian: Yes but its stronger than the stuff you guys have down here.
American: Well it says 5% on the can, last time I checked 5% of 12 ounces is equal 5% of 12 ounces.
Canadian: Yeah we use a different system in Canada though, so its more alcohol in a 5% beer.
American: That makes no sense.
Canadian: Doesn't have to, I'm a Canadian, eh?
(This is a conversation that I've actually had, well not the last line, but that's essentially what he said.)
by Wrathgarr March 27, 2010

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